Why invest?

Financial reasons

  1. The project will bring revenue of 7.71p/kWh (2.8p/kWh Feed-in Tariff and 4.91p/kWh export rate), based on the relevant FiT and current electricity pricing.
  2. You can subscribe for as little as £50.
  3. You will receive a projected 5% return per year.
  4. Income from Shares held in this project will be eligible for the new Personal Savings Allowance. This means that for many members, there will be no income tax liability on the interest payments.

Community reasons

  1. Local jobs will be created or maintained by the use of local contractors for the installation and maintenance of the turbines.
  2. Profits will be used to support local charity Awel Aman Tawe in tackling fuel poverty and developing other renewable energy projects. The value of this local community funding could be more than £3 million over the lifetime of the project.
  3. You’ll help towards our aim to be a zero carbon community by 2030.

Environmental reasons

  1. The two turbines will generate enough electricity to supply over 2,500 per year with clean, renewable energy. In future, we aim to supply directly to local homes but the UK regulations, unlike Holland and Germany, currently don’t allow that.
  2. The turbines will save the emission of 11,800 tonnes of CO2  per year, if replacing coal-fired electricity.
  3. Over 20 years that is 236,000 tonnes, valuable in reducing the risk of climate change.
  4. Not to mention the emission of sulphur and nitrogen particulates causing air pollution, and the damage to the land and risk to coalminers’ lives.

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