Pre-Application Community Consultation

The following documents make up the pre-application community consultation:

Environmental Report
Design and Access Statement

Plans and Figures

Figure 1-1 Site Location
Figure 1-2 Site Layout
Figure 3-1 Access Track Cross Section
Figure 3-2 PV Panel and Table Array
Figure 3-3 Inverters option
Figure 3-4 Inverters option
Figure 3-5 Battery Storage Container
Figure 3-6 Battery Power Conversion Unit
Figure 3-7 Cable Trench
Figure 3-8 Security Fence, Gate and Camera
Figure 4.1 5K Zone of Theoretical Visibility
Figure 4.2 3K Zone of Theoretical Visibility
Figure 4.3 NRW Landscape Character
Figure 4.4 NPT Lansdscape Character Areas
Figure 4.5 Viewpoint – Track by Pen y Waun
Figure 4.6 Viewpoint – Footpath southwest of Fforch Egel Farm
Figure 4.7 Viewpoint – Local road on Cefn Gwrhyd
Figures 4-8 to 4-10 Photomontages
Figures 4-11 to 4-12 Photomontages
Figure 6-1 Designated Archaeological Sites within 5km
Figure 6-2 Designated Archaeological Sites within 1km
Figure 6-3 Tithe Map Llanguicke Parish 1842
Figure 6-4 Extract from 1878 OS map
Figure 6-5 Lidar data
Figure 8-1 Route to Site


Appendix 1-1 Screening Opinion
Appendix 1-2 Mynydd Y Gwrhyd Solar NPT pre-app response
Appendix 1-3 GGAT Consultation Letter on ASIDHOL
Appendix 1-4 Coal Authority Consultation Response
Appendix 4-1 Landscape Character Asessment
Appendix 4-2 Viewpoint Analysis
Appendices 5-1 and 5-2 Ecology
Appendix 6-1 Archaeological Gazeteer and Designated Sites
Appendix 6-2 Archaeological Photos
Appendix 7-1 Drainage Strategy