About us

Awel Aman Tawe group photo

Awel is an independent Society which has been set up in September 2015 by Awel Aman Tawe (AAT). AAT is a community energy charity working to make a difference to the lives of people at the top of the Swansea and Amman Valleys.

AAT is embedded in the community, its small staff and active volunteer group live in the area, and it is committed to protecting the outstanding natural environment of the neighbourhood. It works to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy in the fight against climate change through a sustained programme of information, communication and consultation and, more recently, through an innovative range of arts activities related to climate change that often reach people at a deeper level. The quality of its work has been recognised nationally and internationally by a growing number of awards.

Awel is the trading name of Awel Limited, a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registration number 7204.

Awel Aman Tawe (AAT) is a registered charity. Awel means ‘wind’ in Welsh, Aman and Tawe are the two local valleys, and the site is on the Gwrhyd mountain.

Awel y Gwrhyd is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or trading arm set up for the purposes of operating the wind farm and of which Awel Coop is taking complete ownership.

Awel Ltd is a new Community Benefit Society. The SPV, Awel y Gwrhyd, will be wholly owned by the Community Benefit Society, Awel Ltd along with all of its assets and any liabilities, including the leases and ownership of the turbines.

Awel Ltd’s Directors have taken advice to ensure as far as possible that this structure meets the terms of our pre-accreditation and is currently SEIS and EIS compliant, but please refer to the risks section for details on the outstanding risks involved in using this structure.